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In the past it was "µtorrent computer program",
now it is named BitTorrent

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To understand BitTorrent, it's essential to first comprehend the basics of downloading and uploading data on the web. If you've ever used the internet for streaming television series, HD movies or videos at a minimal bandwidth speed then you know how much information is available online - audio files, video clips, pictures and various other document types. With BitTorrent protocol users can easily download these large files in an efficient manner.

What can I do with BitTorrent?

To share files through the BitTorrent protocol, an appropriate web or desktop-based torrent client like BitTorrent Classic is required. Once you have identified your desired file to download, just click it into your free torrent software or drag and drop for a quick transfer. What's even better about the protocol is that with hundreds of millions of active users across the world actively utilizing their own home computers, downloading from multiple sources at once becomes incredibly fast and efficient! If you allow your torrenting program to continue operating, then you can share the same files that you have already received from peers. Doing so will ensure those files are available for others who are downloading them.

What is seeding?

By participating in seeding, you are helping other peers gain access to the file(s) that you have already downloaded. Although there is no hard-set rule on how long a torrent job should be left for seeding, it's recommended that until your upload reaches an even balance with your download - also known as reaching a 1.0 ratio - before stopping. To check what this ratio is at any time, enable the 'Ratio' column by right clicking and selecting “Ratio” within the header of the program running it!

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